the feminine in our institutions with paula soares...

Tue, Jul 8, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
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*When a women’s circle is centered,
it is in the shape of an invisible wheel or mandala*.
The circle meets as if around a sacred fire
at the center of a round hearth.
The center is what makes a circle special, or sacred.
The invisible center as a source of energy, compassion, and wisdom.”
(Quote from Jean Shinoda Bolen (1999), The Millionth Circle – How to change Ourselves and the World)

In our series "The Feminine in Integral" we, myself and +Raquel Torrent +Hanna Huendorf  and +Bence Ganti,  have already talked about the "left side quadrants", the "I" and the "WE". Today we will talk about the "lower right quadrant" the "ITS", as +Ken Wilber puts it. We will talk about #systems   and #institutions  which are organizing our lives with or without our active collaboration.

The presence of women in our academic world is relatively new, Universities opened up to women in a broader way only after the womens liberations period in the 60ies. Today there are at least as many female students at University as male. The number of female professors has increased, especially in the more "feminine departments" as #art or #literature , but there is still the dominance of men ias professors at universities and other institutions of higher learning.

This makes it assai difficult to work towards an evolution in our institutions, a change towards a balance between the "masculine" and the "feminine", a counterbalance of pure intellectual learning with wisdom which comes from the #centeredness  of us human beings as described so beautifully in the poetry above.

Our special guest today ,+Paula Soares, has a lot to say about our topic from her perspective  and her passion which is deeply "feminine".

Paula is a professor at the Visual Arts and Design Department at the University of Évora, Portugal. She has been doing research in action on the relationships between Creativity and Levels of Consciousness for the last 15 years and introducing Paradigms of the 21st century into the ‘Academic System’.

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