alex & allyson grey: visionary painting intensive...

tal como há 100 anos atrás proliferaram experiências pioneiras em torno da descoberta de novos movimentos artísticos...
actualmente um dos pontos de referência para a ARTE DO SÉCULO 21 actua a partir da "chapel of sacred mirrors" (new york) com a dupla artística de referência alex grey & allyson grey com enfoque na ARTE VISIONÁRIA... um tipo de arte que requer processos profundos de auto-conhecimento dos artistas que a integram... referências incontornáveis para a arte do século 21... 


The expressive language of painting has uniquely traced the soul's evolution of consciousness for over 30,000 years. Sacred art traditions throughout the ages have celebrated the visionary realms, exploring Heaven and Hell. Through global media and communication, artists today access the entire history of the human imagination through the iconography of past civilizations and continue that visual intercourse in their paintings. Pattern and ornament, color, light and feeling offer a portal for the creative interpreter who illuminates mystical and transcendental domains. Skilled painters intimate with expanded states of awareness, translate these subtle archetypal dimensions to facilitate realization of divine spirit.
This intensive workshop is offered to serious students of all levels of experience and ability. Each participant will introduce themselves through an initiatory look at their creative work. 
Oil paint, acrylic paint and watercolors are welcomed. 
Each day's lesson will include discourse on techniques, elements of design and composition, color study and the development of expressive content. 
In-depth discussions of student work will be part of the daily critique.

From drawing plan to completion, each participant will be asked to start and finish at least one painting during the seven day workshop. 
Class members can bring a concept in sketch form that they would like to work on in class. 
The workshop will also include vision practices to catalyze an image to realize as a painting.

If seven days of painting sounds too delicious to be true (as it does for us), join us for the Painting Intensive at CoSM.
This workshop offers an immersive program to serious painters at every level of experience.

Class will be held in the CoSM Studio with your teachers, Alex and Allyson Grey, and also with special guest artist Xavi Panneton as a teaching assisstant, and music by Jon Ohia."